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Did you know that over 50 Million Americans are affected with ringing in the ears, called Tinnitus?

  • What Causes Tinnitus?

    There are various causes for tinnitus, including exposure to loud sounds, earwax blockage and reaction to medications. Hair cells in the inner ear help transform sound waves into electrical signals that then travel to the brain. Experts suspect that tinnitus is the brain trying to adapt to a loss of hair cells in the inner ear. The brain misinterprets the reduced signals from the ear, resulting in a perception of sound (tinnitus).

  • What Does Tinnitus Have to Do with Hearing Loss?

    It is important to know is that tinnitus is not a condition or disease. It is a symptom that is most commonly associated with hearing loss. Tinnitus and hearing loss are intimately related and because the two go hand in hand, it is important to understand their relationship and how each impacts the management and treatment of the other.

    An estimated 90% of those affected by tinnitus experience some degree of hearing loss.

  • What Should I Do if I Suspect I Have Tinnitus?

    If you suspect you may have tinnitus, the first step is to meet with one of our audiologists. Make an appointment for a complete evaluation of your ears and hearing. The goal of this appointment should be for you to understand your ears and hearing and to learn how you can manage your tinnitus.

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